Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sisterlock's 4th Birthday

Celebrated my 4th Sisterlock Birthday on October 5, 2012.  This is just a few days past the date that my Mother would have had her 69th Birthday, had she not gone Home.  There is 20 years between  our Birthdays.  I celebrated my 49th Birthday August 28, 2012.  The Celebration will continue for my 49th Birthday with a Game Night soon. 

The photo of me in the Pink Dress, I am wearing to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness and Pink is another favorite color.  I wear Pink to represent that I am an Independent Mary Kay Consultant.  I do not take my Sisterlocks for granted.  Met a young Lady yesterday and she shared a story that her Mother use to wear Sisterlocks, however, she lost them after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  My hair in this photo was sprayed for moisturizer and shine to get the look and no maintenance at all.  I LOVVVVVE IT! 

Hubby and Son #3 are in their Black and Red Ties celebrating Men's Day at Church.  The fellowship is always good.  A family that prays together stays together.  Son is wearing his hair in low Afro.  My Hubby also known as my Huntsmen is wearing a full beard and I had to get use to his look but proud that he is being who he is as well.

My Sisters and Nieces are in the background at 79th and Crenshaw where it is only one of the locations my Sister Glory and I followed the Shuttle.  We are known as Shuttle Chasers (SC).  I have to say not so much because ours Sons are Members of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE).  Not because my Sister, Glory have seen the Endeavor launch in Florida.  It is history and I want to be a part of anything and everything that is positive.

As the Goodwill Lady Ambassador for California I am at Traveler's Rest Church in Los Angeles where the Queen Esther Grand Chapter was invited to fellowship.  Again fellowship is always good.  Hubby does not mind escorting me if I need him.  I am wearing my scarf around my Sisterlocks and they are hanging free on their own.  I now have a special ring to hold scarves that I carefully prepare and fold before tying my Sisterlocks. 

My Sisterlocks are really a blessing.  After 4 years my Sisterlocks continue to be a conversation piece.  I have two Aunts that are Baby Boomers, they have always embraced natural hair even in the 70's before I was aware of locs.  I am so thankful that they paved the way.  I am proud that I made this choice of hairstyle which is now a lifestyle for me.  Living free and enjoying life with Hubby, Sons, Family and Friends.  I have a great-nephew coming early December.  Lord just want to say I am THANNNNKFUL!

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